Create innovative and safe products

At JNX Sports® we believe in providing our customers with innovative, effective and consistent products that provide them with the energy, stamina and results they need to live a life they can feel proud of.

The entire JNX Sports® range is manufactured in a GMP compliant facility, using the highest quality and responsibly sourced ingredients. You won’t see untested ingredients in our formulas. We stay on top of the trends, but not at the detriment of our customer’s safety. 


Strength isn’t just about muscle mass

We believe that strength isn’t just about muscle mass.

It’s about stamina and motivation to power through the challenges of every day, in and out of the gym. It’s about standing up for what you believe in and giving the middle finger to the status quo, when the status quo just isn’t good enough. It’s about challenging injustice and mediocrity and being brave enough to break the rules when the rules aren’t working anymore.  


Rebels with a Cause

Without a bit of mayhem, there is no change.

We, like you, are sick of the inequality, injustice, ignorance, social and environmental issues plaguing society today, and we’ve had enough. We’re taking a stance, and helping our customers to do the same.
The world needs more rebels.



We respect those in our community who stand up for themselves and what they believe in, and who rebel when there is cause to do so. Who won’t be quieted by aggression, and who get loud when they are told to stay silent.

We respect the bravery of individuals who stand up against the majority when the majority is wrong, and we respect leaders who use their position to continue championing for good rather than falling into to the comfort of complacency.

We respect our customers, our employees, and ourselves, and encourage opinion sharing and feedback so we can continuously learn, do better, and be better.