At JNX SportsĀ®Ā our mission is clear:

to rid the world of excuses.

No more sleeping in on gym day. No more waiting until tomorrow. No more staying quiet. No more accepting inequality and injustice. No more ā€˜somebody elseā€™s problem.ā€™ No more ā€œlighten upā€ or ā€œyouā€™d be pretty if you smiled more.ā€ No more conforming. No more hiding. No more accepting the status quo. No more excuses.Ā 

JNX SportsĀ®Ā was born to disrupt, because without a little bit of mayhem, there is no change. The world needs more rebels with a causeā€¦letā€™s shake things up.


Why skulls?

Art has always been a challenging force, disrupting the status quo. For many of us, art and music is also how we express ourselves, our frustrations, and push back against convention. This is where our skulls come in.

They are more than just skulls on a bottle of pre-workout; each skull is created by an artist around the world to personify the product inside; each skull represents who we are as a brand; each skull symbolizes the power of art as activism, a nod to the importance of creating a bit of mayhem when the status quo just isnā€™t good enough.Ā