Top 10 essential strength exercises for beginners

Top 10 essential strength exercises for beginners

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Welcome to the hardcore gym scene, where you can unleash your inner badass and become an absolute powerhouse. We've got some sick tips to kickstart your journey to becoming strong AF. To amplify your energy and muscle pumps, grab yourself a scoop of The Curse!® pre-workout and let the darkness seep through your veins. Once it kicks in, nothing else will stand in your way. Let's gooo!


The ultimate compound exercise that demolishes multiple muscle groups at once. These bad boys annihilate your quads, hammies, glutes, and core. Squats don't just build lower body strength—they ignite explosive muscle growth. 


A full-body exercise that targets your posterior chain, including those iron-like hamstrings, glutes, and lower back. Engage your core and upper body muscles for added intensity. Deadlifts forge functional power, perfect your posture, and establish unwavering stability.

Bench Press:

The heavyweight champion of them all. It's time to ignite your chest, triceps, and shoulders with explosive force. This compound movement unleashes the full potential of your upper body. 

Shoulder Press:

Prepare to sculpt envy-inducing shoulders with the shoulder press, also known as the military press. It's time to focus on those delts, while your triceps and upper back join forces in the battle. Mastering the shoulder press will grant you a chiseled upper body appearance and the strength to conquer any physical challenge that stands in your way.

Bent-Over Rows:

The key to forging a strong and chiseled upper back. Dominate your lats and rear delts to improve your posture and get strong AF in your upper body.. Keep your back straight and pull the weight towards your lower chest.


A rock-solid core ensures perfect form in both battles and everyday activities. Begin with short bursts of intense agony and gradually push your limits by increasing your plank time.

Dumbbell Bicep Curls:

Unleash your guns and carve out arms that command respect with dumbbell bicep curls. Sculpt your biceps to perfection, leaving no doubt about your strength. Grab dumbbells, resistance bands, or barbells and start with lighter weights.

Tricep Dips:

Isolate and annihilate those hidden weapons on the back of your upper arms, the triceps, with tricep dips. Whether you choose parallel bars, a bench, or the rugged edge of a chair, these exercises will forge unwavering upper body pushing strength.

Plank Row:

This brutal exercise targets your core, upper back, shoulders, and arms. Assume a plank position, gripping dumbbells with unwavering determination. Alternate rows with each dumbbell while maintaining an unbreakable plank stance. 

Remember to start with lighter weights, maintain impeccable form and technique, and gradually increase the load as you progress. Your dedication to this grueling strength training journey will transform you into an unstoppable force of nature.

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