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The Curse! Pre-Workout

This pre-workout makes you feel like you're gonna lift the whole gym. Gives you energy for the whole lift and then some. I'll never switch to a different pre workout after trying just about every pre on the market. Absolutely solid.


The Shadow! Pre-workout

I've tried many pre-workouts and The Shadow! is the product I've been sticking with. It gives me a great level of energy and sustains me throughout my workouts. I highly recommend this product.


The Curse! Pre-workout

I have been using this preworkout for like 5 years now. It doesn’t taste artificial and it doesn’t have any unnecessary ingredients, just the important things. It is the cheapest per serving I have found.


The Ripper! Fat Burner

I’ve tried numerous fat burners this is by far the best one that has worked for me personally. High energy increased mental alertness/focus. All flavors taste great. Going forward this will be the only fat burner I'll be using.


The Ripper! Fat Burner

I have been using this product off and on for 3 yrs. LOVE IT!!! Gives me the burn I need and knocks the appetite down. Lost 30 pounds last yr while changing diet and taking this product in cycles.

Freddy A.

The Ripper! Fat Burner

Great product, along with my diet it really has helped me accelerate my training and shred some fat. Love this!

Brad C.

The Curse! Pre-workout

Finally found a new Pre-workout with Legendary Customer Service included.


The Shadow! Pre-workout

No lingering product in the bottom of my shaker, and gives me ALL THE POWER.


The Shadow! Pre-workout

Best on the market! Crazy pumps and insane results.


The Shadow! Pre-workout

Absolutely gives me the pump I need!!! Holy Hell!


The Ripper! Fat Burner

I've tried a lot of fat burners and energy supplements and I just keep coming back to this one.

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